Get a generator and keep things running smoothly

The installation of a new generator for your business or home is often recommended. A simple electrical storm can take down your power for hours or even days. When that happens, you and your family, as well as your assets and customers, are at risk. We can help you to avoid that by installing a quality generator Interlock Kit!

Save Money with an Interlock!

Adding an interlock kit to your home or business not only increases the value of the homes but creates a safe and reliable way to secure a backup portable system of any kind. Standby Generators often run for over $10,000, which may be an unrealistic option for many. Whereas almost all standard interlock kits will start at just $750!

Ease Of Use

Interlock kits allow the homeowner to keep their existing panels and avoid having a large concrete pad poured and an unsightly generator on the outside of their home. Instead, these kits are custom tailored to each brand of panel and function with almost all standard generators from 5500's to 10,000-watt portables! After all interlock installation, our technicians will also be more than happy to demonstrate and review each interlock with the customer. This includes testing the generator at the time of installation and going over the procedure for usage!


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