Get the lighting you deserve in your home!

Recessed LED Lighting

Often called Pot lights, this type of lighting is far superior for offering full room coverage than fans and fixtures. Sparks offers the latest thin LED technology. The advantage? Placement is no longer hindered by ceiling truces and a higher lumen count than the competition!

Hide those unsightly wires once and for all!

Custom TV Mounting

We all know what it's like having the TV take up the space on our dressers or stands. Or hanging the tv and not having the right tools to hide all those HDMI and fiber optic cables. Let us do the heavy lifting and the wire hiding for you. 

Turn off the hallway lights from your bedroom!

Smart Home Systems

Leave home and forgot to turn off the lights? We have you covered. Already laying in bed comfy and the hallway lights are still on? We have you covered.Let us use the latest Lutron technology to connect Alexa or any smartphone to your existing lighting system!

Crystal chandeliers? We have latex gloves ready!

Chandelier & Fan Installation

The bigger the better! We specialize in hanging custom fixtures of all kinds. We handle and install every fixture with the same precision and care as if we were installing it in our own home. Safety is also our priority, we ensure that the box in the ceiling is appropriate for the weight of the fixture; and if not we correct the bracing to make sure it is!

What's that noise outside? we'll help find out.

Home Security Systems

Home security systems have never been more user friendly. With many companies offering smart technology that connects to your smart phone at all times, we can complete the installs and make your space a safe one!  

Protect your tech!

Home Surge Protection

Keep your home entertainment and appliances safe. Smart technology can't protect itself from power failures or home surges. Having a surge shield installed in your panel protects many of the precious items in your home and stops transformer damage from occurring in many things like microwaves to desktop computers.


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With our Main Office located just North of the Roosevelt Bridge, we cover a majority of the area and provide a wide variety of Electrical Services to both Commercial and Residential customers to the following cities: 



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