Hanging Brass Lamps


We Offer Chandelier Installations; starting at just $119. Our team is skilled and has installed thousands of fixtures from basic hardware store to custom imported crystal chandeliers. 


Ceiling Fans

We Offer Ceiling Fan Installations; starting at just $89. Having installed hundreds of fan types, you can exepct nothing less but a successful installation. Our technicians have dealt with several of the biggest fan companies from troubleshooting to replacment.


TV & Coax

We Offer TV mounting services; starting at just $229. Do you want your TV mounted? Do you want your TV wires to not be exposed and showing on the wall? We take care of all of that. We also specialize in running new TV lines and replacing damaged splices and adding custom outlet box's.




If you have the yard; we have the lighting. We offer hundreds of lighting packages to suit your style. Most basic installations start at just $599.  We can help you create stunning illuminated pathways, to lighted crowns on your palm trees and even custom wall light washes.



We Offer Full Home Surge Protection Installations; starting at just $279. Say goodbye to surge outlets and powerstrips and welcome full home units that install at the power source of the panel or meter directly. These surge units are important for protecing your homes appliances and smart devices.  


Panel &


We Offer Electrical Panel replacements; starting at just $1699 & meter replacements starting at just $1199. If you are consistently getting power failures, dimming in and out lights or have rusted components, it may be time to replace your electrical equipment. Not only will replacement resolve many underlying issues, it will prevent appliance damage, fire chances and update your system to current code. 

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